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Email borne attacks have become a lucrative business for attackers with companies losing billions thanks to malware, phishing, and locky ransomware. Without the help of a spam filter to keep these attacks out, companies are left exposed to data breaches, virus infections, and much more. Here at The Email Laundry, we understand how these attackers think and work tirelessly with our in-house R&D department to stop these attacks from ever reaching your employees. We combine industry-leading cloud email reputation scoring, sophisticated dynamic malware analysis, real-time threat intelligence, and automated threat response to enable organizations to more effectively detect and defend against both targeted and general attacks.

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Stopping Spam for 10 Years

The Email Laundry has helped to keep client’s happy and their email safe from email attacks for over 10 years. Our unique combination of the five-star support team and highly ranked services has allowed our customers to safely send and receive emails without worry. Thanks to our customers we are the highest rated email security provider on leading industry reviews sites, Spiceworks and Gartner Peer Reviews and are qualified experts on Expert Exchange.

Customers love us because we take the hassle out of spam filtering and email security, by using state-of-the-art technologies such as threat intelligence and minority reports, to identify malicious source before they can attack. Our 24/7 support team are always accessible to answer any of our client’s questions or concerns, quickly and efficiently, allowing them to get back to business faster.

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We specialize in:

Security Research

Our experienced team of security researchers keep abreast of the latest phishing scams. The research team also discover new threats, malware and botnets and protect our customers from them.


Multiple geographically dispersed data centers make for a strong grid network to withstand enormous amounts of traffic. Along with our own DDOS defences and network resiliance we maintain a very high uptime of over 99.99%

User Experience

All of our services are designed with the end user in mind. We have taken the time to consider the service from a csutomer’s business perspective. What does a customer want from an email security service? Secure email with as little required input from them as possible.

MSP and Distributor Portals

We are fully aware of the importance of the MSP in the security decisions of companies. So our entire service is based on an MSP model. We have a reseller portal where the MSP can manage their customers accounts and provide first level support to their customers. They can also co-brand our services for free. Above this we have provided a distributor portal which can manage a number of MSP’s


Since setting up customers using their easy to use system, we have barely had to touch it since, its almost completely maintenance free. There are a lot of things you can do with their system, if you want to filter emails for your company or your customers then they are the right place to go.
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James Rowe Iconology Ltd.
Excellent customer services and even better product. Would gladly recommend to everyone! Moved all our customers to them last year!
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Gavin Morgan Rockford IT
Just recently switched my organization over to TheEmailLaundry after receiving the EoL notification from McAfee SaaS. I only wish I had made this switch sooner! Great service, setup was a breeze, and best of all no more spam! Awesome service - highly recommended.
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Jason Lindgren CIO

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