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The Email Laundry are a team of people dedicated to keeping email safe. From threat research to content analysis we perform it all in-house.

Keeping email safe for more than 10 years, The Email Laundry has been always been on the forefront of the email security industry. Constantly designing and developing state-of-the-art services and algorithms, our research & development team is the core of our business. Since all our code is written in-house we are able to quickly and efficiently alter and personalize our services to ensure complete protection for our customers.

Research & Development

Our dedication to consistent research and development is what helps to separate The Email Laundry from other email security providers. We understand the importance of keeping ahead of the cyber criminals when it comes to our customer’s safety and that’s why we put a strong emphasis on research and development.

Helping to protect companies emails from around the world gives us an exclusive look at what new tactics and trends cyber criminals have begun to use. Using this data, our research team gets to work, meeting weekly to go over the latest threats and brainstorming how we will combat them. From there the team starts to develop filtering algorithms that prevent and protect our customer’s email from these new malicious attacks.

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Scattered throughout the globe, our support team is one of a kind. Always there for our customers, they don’t stop until the issue is resolved and the caller is happy.

Users who call our support are always blown away by the level of knowledge and efficiency of our team members. A quick look at any of our testimonials and reviews will reveal just how much our customers value our five-star support team.

” The tech support has been the best I’ve worked with in my entire 35 years in IT. Questions are answered quickly, accurately, and understandably, which in my experience is rare. We are all very pleased with the transition process and the ongoing results. Great Product and Great Service.”

-Scott Woods Managing Director at WY Technology

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