Email Signature Manager for Office 365

Email signatures and disclaimers centrally managed for all email services.

Brand and Sign – Email Signature and Branding

Manage your email signatures and banners in one place

The average email user sends 200 emails per week at work. In a 100 user company that represents over 1 million emails per annum.

Each of these communications represents the company and should enforce the company brand and marketing message.

 If left to the end user email signatures become haphazard and non-compliant

This responsibility has to be removed from the end users and managed centrally by the marketing department.

The Email Laundry’s Brand and Sign service provides the capabilities for a company’s marketing department to centrally manage every users email signature as well as add marketing banners to all outgoing email. No knowledge of HTML is required.


  • Manage email signatures, match signatures to company logos and correct user details
  • Create banner marketing campaigns, assign campaigns to different senders
  • Publish the campaigns to your email and track the results
  • Ensure your email is compliant with the EU First Company Law Amendment Directive
  • Send correctly signed email from smartphones
  • Emails render correctly on recipients smartphones

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