Secure Your Business Email

Safe browsing on all devices with TEL

A Secure Cloud-Based Business Email Solution

An effective business email service allows you to focus on your business. We provide a reliable cloud-based email solution that doesn’t require any complex hardware or software. You can send and receive email on almost every major mobile device, sync with Outlook, access advanced email tools and stay connected to your business around the clock!

Let’s Talk Benefits

•    Active Sync functionality, everything syncs with your mobile devices.
•    25 GB mailboxes!
•    Full features of your in-house mail server.
•    Consistent and reliable experience.
•    The convenience and savings of a premium cloud-based solution.
•    You get the security of an entire email security service.
•    Full business continuity service from separate data center.
•    Registered Data Protection Officer on staff.
•    The service includes both our email security service and our email continuity service.

Additional Features
Enjoy the security and efficiency of our comprehensive email suite that includes easy to use calendar features as well as user-friendly contact functionality with Global Address and distributions lists!
Set important tasks and reminders for yourself. Hop online using any wi-fi or internet connection and enjoy unflinching security even when you’re on the go. Oh, and the service also comes with automatic tracking and tracing with all logs retained for a year. And please, rest assured that our system can be easily integrated into your existing network. Ready for a free 30 Day Trial?

Let Us Help You Keep Email Safe