IoT Ransomware – How Your Smart Home Is Vulnerable

IoT Ransomware Attack The popularity of Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Home, and other home personal assistants has brought IoT devices to households around the world. The introduction of things like smart light bulbs and smart refrigerators have made life easier for … Read More

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harvard blog buliding email problem spear phishing

Harvard’s Email Problem – Spear Phishing

In late February, Harvard University revealed it had a huge issue; more than 1.4 million emails were open to the public. As one of the most prestigious universities in the world, students and teachers alike had no idea the information they … Read More

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new phishing email. protect your keyboard

Clever Gmail Targeting Phishing Email Discovered

Gmail Targeting Phishing Email Discovered It’s only 18 days into 2017, and there is already a sophisticated Gmail phishing email making it rounds. New techniques and tactics, have given hackers a way to authentically impersonate your contacts. How it Works … Read More

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responsible information free online course for SMEs

‘Responsible for Information’ for SMEs – Free Online Course

Responsible for Information For SMEs ‘Responsible for Information’ is a free e-learning course aimed at staff in micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The HM government will be sponsoring this online course to help SMEs to fully understand their company’s … Read More

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email security road map

Email Security Road Map For New Year

Email Security Road Map Tweet Happy Christmas to all our customers and partners. What a wonderful year it has been.  The following updates have been made to our service this year Encryption Service Updates Added ConnectWise Integration Opened an Australian … Read More

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Locky Ransomware Trend Credit card scam

Locky Ransomware Trend

Locky Ransomware Trend A phishing scam that claims a recipient’s credit card details have been “suspended” is the latest trend in spoof emails. Cyber criminals are using social engineering tactics to spread fear among business owners by attaching Locky malware to phishing … Read More

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Ransomware Threats Matches Can you beat the odds

3 Dangerous Ransomware Threats to Be Wary Of

Do You Want to Play a Game? The presence of ransomware is well and truly prevalent and spreading at a rapid pace globally. 2016 has seen an explosion of ransomware attacks which are progressively targeting business networks rather than individual users. … Read More

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famous celebrity malware attacks

Celebrity Malware

Celebrity Keyword Malware Links with These Names are Likely to Cause You a Problem A recent publication by Intel Security (McAfee) has highlighted the dangers of celebrity names being utilized as a tool for hackers. Pop culture is prime bait … Read More

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how to tell if an email is trustworthy email

Trustworthy Email Publication

Trustworthy Email Recommendations & Guidelines The NIST have released a rather useful document which gives recommendations and guidelines that will enhance trust in email. This document is particularly beneficial to enterprise email administrators, information security specialists, and network managers. This guideline was written for federal IT systems but … Read More

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