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Clean communications have spent the last 8 years developing email security services for the IT channel. This year sees the arrival of their full email collaboration suite. A lot of thought has gone into this business email service and some of that is described here.

Firstly what were our objectives:

Develop a secure and resilient infrastructure, primarily designed for security.

Design the service that we could be replicated in different geographic areas for customers concerned with national security issues.

Design a service that could be gray labeled, different service providers need to be able to call it their own.

laptop image screen of continuity in outlook office 365

Ensure that the service sat on top of our current security service which has proved its resilience.

Ensure the service was easy to use and would not effect an end user who was moving from exchange.

Enable us to continue to build and develop additional services that would integrate with the email service.

In order to make the service seamless for customers who were currently on exchange, we also needed to ensure the service had active sync to sync emails, contacts, calendars and tasks with mobile devices. This we did.

The last thing was native MAPI integration so the service would work well for any users who were still using Outlook as a desktop client. Again this had been done for us by Zarafa.

The roll-out of the service has been very well received with immediate response from all our channel partners. Many have responded well to our efforts to ensure the price was the same as Exchange Online so they could be competitive in the market. More than anything else though we are doing this work to continue to support our channel partners by developing services that they ask for.

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