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CompTIA ChannelCon offers intensive industry training, peer-to-peer learning and exceptional networking opportunities for IT professionals. It allows them the ability to walk away with new ideas and tools, and is always a great time for both vendors and attendees alike.

Two weeks ago, The Email Laundry team headed out to ChannelCon 2017 in Austin, TX to take part in the notorious event, and they were not disappointed. Offering seminars from industry leaders, our team came back refreshed in both body and mind.

Out of all the speakers and seminars, Making Ideas Happen by Scott Belsky really stood out to our team. Talking about creativity in an organization, Belsky, examined the three-different mind sets that appear in a workplace, dreamers, doers, and incrementalists.

Belsky, explained that dreamers are the ones who come up with the game-changer ideas, they are the ones who think outside of the box to ensure their company is the leader in their industry. The problem with creatives, as Belsky stated in his seminar, is that dreamers have a hard time manifesting their idea into actual action, this is where the doers come in.

Vastly different to the dreamers, the doers are the ones that push ideas through to fruition. Doers listen to the dreamer’s ideas and ask the true questions.

“Why can’t we do this?”

“What do we need to do this?”

“When will this happen?”

Doers help with logistics and push leaders to make decisions on critical issues.

The last mindset that was mention in the Making Ideas Happen was the incrementalists. These people are the hybrid of both the dreamers and doers, they can come up with ideas and ensure they are followed through on.

A company needs all three types of people to ensure that their business and its services/products advance to meet customers’ ever-changing needs.

Working with these 3 types of people, leaders must ensure they keep a high-level view of the ideas and processes that the dreamers and doers are involved in, prioritizing and organization is key. Belsky suggests they talk less and listen more, when they do that they are able to assign each idea/task to a priority level; idle, medium, high, or extreme.

During Making Ideas Happen, Belsky gives an example of how important leaders and prioritizing are to companies. He explains that a company may be ready to launch a new product/service when suddenly a competitor releases something new and innovative. While the team (dreamers, doers, and incrementalists) may feel that the product/service launch should continue as planned, the leader must make the decision to downgrade the importance of the launch to ensure and raise the priority level of matching the competitor’s new innovation.

Belsky finished the seminar by stating that when a person feels like they are crazy it means one of two things:

  1. The person is crazy
  2. The person is on to something

Scott Belsky’s seminar really stood out to our team, giving them something to ponder as they made their way home.

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