The Email Laundry's Automate Integration

Integrate & Monitor Customer Activity

ConnectWise Automate Integration

The Email Laundry’s ConnectWise Automate integration modernises and streamlines customer registration and monitoring for MSPs integrating customer registrations with The Email Laundry Portal and automating customer activity monitoring. Using this integration, MSPs can easily manage their client’s email security from one easy-to-use dashboard, helping to increase efficiency and productivity.

  • Easily integrate customer registrations with TEL portal.

    With The Email Laundry’s ConnectWise Integration you can add and edit customer registrations right from our partner portal and it will automatically integrate with your ConnectWise portal, simplifying the registration process.

  • Monitor customer activity and registration seamlessly.

    The Email Laundry’s ConnectWise Automate integration continuously monitors customer activity and registration, streamlining the customer observing process for MSPs.

ConnectWise Automate Integration
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