cyber crime at the rio olympics

Cyber Crime at the Rio Olympics

The 2016 Internet Security Threat Report has ranked the hosts of the 2016 Olympic Games, Brazil, eight in the world for bot-enabled crimes. Hard work, training and preparation has been put in by athletes all over the globe. Unfortunately, with every good there is bad. Hackers are also preparing for the Rio Olympics as they are seen as a prime target for phishing scams. It is paramount that visitors take extra caution with digital safety over this period of time.

This threat is not only something visitors should worry about but also multinational companies. Companies such as Visa, Samsung, Coca Cola, GE and others will be targeted by cyber criminals. Even fans watching from home are not safe as cyber criminals may find a way to target them.

The sale of counterfeit tickets via email is just one example of how fans can be exploited. If a fan does unknowingly decide to pay for scam tickets, they are also giving away important bank details which can, of course, be used to steal money.

The 2012 Olympic Games saw 165 million security-related events along with a number of major attacks according to Symantec and despite the widespread awareness of cyber crime, Brazil may be no exception. It is believed that Brazil is accountable for 2% of the world’s cyber crimes in 2015.

Rogue Wi-Fi access points are yet another problem at this year’s event. The Wi-Fi points are equipped with enabling unencrypted users names and passwords along with infusing malware into web traffic. Virtual private network (VPN) is recommended if using open Wi-Fi.

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