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Cyber attacks like phishing and ransomware are continually evolving, making it hard for cyber security services, who have to wait for new attacks to be deployed and discovered before they can block them, to keep up. At The Email Laundry, we understand the consequences waiting for these attacks can have on a business, so we put our industry-leading R&D department to work; what they came out with was state-of-the-art cyber threat intelligence feeds.

Using our unique combination of in-house developed tools like real-time blacklists, AS rankings, passive DNS, and more, we can help you not only stop these malicious attacks before they reach your company, but also identify the motivation, goals, techniques, and potential targets of the cyber criminals. This type of proactive protection will keep your company and client’s safer than ever before.

We are currently offering these cyber threat intelligence feeds to IT service providers and other cyber security companies to help keep the internet safe for everyone. Learn more about how our feeds can help to improve your current security services below.

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Under a Day Newly Registered Domains (NED)

The 24-48 hour delay in the publication of newly registered domains has been consistently taken advantage of by cyber criminals, who use the delay as a way to send as many malicious emails as possible before their IP becomes blacklisted. This delay leaves companies completely vulnerable to breaches and attacks, even if they have cyber security service in place, so we knew we had to do something about it.

The Email Laundry is the only company that can offer an under 24 hour real-time newly registered domain lookup service, ensuring you can catch the bad guys before it’s too late. Make sure you have all the tools you need to protect your clients, include our cyber threat intelligence feeds into your services today.

This service is FREE up to 10,000 lookups per day.

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AS Rankings

Assignment rankings, or AS rankings as it is commonly called, is the process of assigning a ranking to blocks of IP addresses, called IP neighborhoods. These IP neighborhoods are each given a ranking based on the probability that they will be sending out spam and other malicious attacks, based on previous actions and data from the neighborhood.

By identifying the IP neighborhoods that have a higher ratio of ‘bad’ IPs to ‘good’ IPs, you can set up scoring and put precautions in place to stop attacks before they are sent to your clients. These scores can also be used to assign personalized white and black lists per company, giving you complete flexibility as a service provider.

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Passive DNS

Using sensors placed on our data sharing partners’ DNS servers, we are able to collect, analyze, and store DNS requests. This allows users of our cyber threat intelligence feeds to answer questions that regular DNS requests can not answer on their own, such as:

  • Where did this domain name point to in the past?
  • What domain names are hosted by a given nameserver?
  • What domain names point into a given IP network?
  • What subdomains exist below a certain domain name?

This allows you to discover domains that have had malicious activity from them in the past, preventing them from getting through to your client’s company.

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