Email Archiving

Be ready for anything. Ensure your emails are archived and searchable.

Litigation Ready

Accelerate legal discovery and HR inquiries with real-time search and retrieval. Enforce email preservation for legal holds.

Dual Discovery

With both personal and discovery archives, the entire organization’s email can be searched and employees/users can personally search their own archives.

One Central Repository

Store and index every email and attachment in one centralized online repository. Eliminate PST files, and minimize the burden on your IT staff and/or help desk

Personal Archive

This provides access for each user to their own archive of what emails were in their mailbox. Fast search functionality makes this a powerful tool for bringing old business data back to use.

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Discovery Archive

This portal provides facilities for your company to perform e-discovery tasks across the entire email repository of the organization. This is the one you use for legal and HR tasks.

Unlimited Mailboxes & Retention

Integrates with Outlook & Other Email Services

SAS 70 Type II Compliant Data Centers

Easy Email Tagging for Legal & HR

Real-Time Reporting on Email Usage

Quickly Search an Entire Organization's Email

Combine With Continuity

While users can search their entire email history with our Email Archiving service, when combined with our Email Continuity service, users become able to send, receive, and reply to emails within their archive. Making it simple to continue communications and keep your business running even when your server is down.

If you were ever worried about disaster situations in the past and the incredible expense of setting up a secondary emergency service, worry no more.

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Trusted by over 10,000 Organizations to Protect Their Email

The Email Laundry has been simply fantastic in every area. They've provided us with all of the tools needed to push not only their email filtering service but also phishing training. Cannot recommend highly enough!
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Tom Smith IT Service Provider
I've used email laundry for a number of clients for around a year now and they are faultless. Setup is nice and easy, support is brilliant and very fast on the rare occasion, it's required. I really recommend The Email Laundry to anyone as an archiving solution!
email filter
Scott Prudence Service Delivery Manager at Assign IT
We've been using The Email Laundry and overall we are very happy with the service. It's catching more spam, viruses, and phishing than EOL and Trend Scanmail together.
Dustin Fisher Email Security Servive
Dustin Fisher IT Manager in Education

Be Prepared For Anything

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