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How do you make a return on email branding?

If an enterprise uses their daily business email to enforce marketing messages to current customers and suppliers, the possibilities for cross selling and up selling are enormous.

How does a company approach this from a practical point of view?

Using the “Brand and Sign” service for email signature management gives a company the ability to attach marketing banners to their daily emails. These banners can carry marketing messages and link back to the companies website. The powerful part of this is that the service allows you not just to decide which senders send which banners on their email but also which recipients can receive them or are excluded from receiving them.

The possibilities are endless. Imagine an insurance company where half of their customers buy car insurance and the other half buy house insurance. If they could cross sell to all of their customers they would effectively double their turnover. They simply create two marketing banners and create two campaigns. They can set the banners to go out on certain senders email addresses, perhaps sales, but also perhaps billing as these emails will also be going to the target recipients.

email address added to campaign

The administrator of the service can then also target particular recipients for each campaign. So the car insurance customers can receive a banner saying “20% discount if you also purchase house insurance” and vice versa.

email signature compliance banner

The resulting email will have banners either on the top or bottom.

Any time a customer clicks on the banner of this email it will be possible to receive an alert email in to the sales or marketing manager to prompt them to follow up.

Of course the theory is that the customer will take up the offer and the insurance(or any other) company will make a significant boost in sales just from being more savvy with how they use their business email.

email signature compliance
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