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Our Email Encryption Suite offers three comprehensive enterprise-standard encryption services, allowing a company to choose the service that is the best fit for their organization. Email is inherently unsafe, ensure your companies emails are securely encrypted with our SaaS Email Encryption Suite.


Unencrypted emails can be intercepted in transit and be edited to include things like ransomware, viruses, or other harmful attacks.


Unencrypted email is very easy to view for any user, leaving your companies information at risk.


Don’t let the competition learn your secrets, unencrypted emails can lead to leaks and other damaging effects.

PDF Encryption

PDF Encryption allows you to send confidential information to anyone with 100% confidence that the email and it’s attachments are encrypted end to end. We randomly generate all passwords for PDF encryption with our Secure Encryption Gateway and send it on to the receiver through their method of choice:

  • SMS
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Or Another Service

Once they receive both the email and the password, all the receiver needs to do is open the PDF encrypted file with their choice of PDF viewer.

pdf encryption image file type

Opportunistic TLS Encryption

Encrypts files when both the sender and receiver have TLS enabled on their servers, but will send the message unencrypted if the receiver is not TLS enabled. Opportunistic TLS Encryption is the standard for most companies and comes included with our Full Stack Email Security service.

Enforced TLS Encryption

Unlike opportunistic encryption, Enforced TLS Encryption will only send encrypted messages. If the receiver does not have TLS encryption enabled, the message will not be sent until a TLS channel is enabled.

tls encryption saas email encryption suite

Secure Portal Encryption

Instead of sending the encrypted email straight to the receiver, clients can make use of our Secure Portal Encryption, allowing the receiver to safely view the email from our secure portal.

Once an encrypted email is sent to our portal, the receiver is notified through email and is given a link to view the encrypted data. With our secure portal, users can use the same username and password every time to view messages, making it an easy and quick way to frequently view encrypted emails.

secure portal saas email encryption suite

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