Email Filtering Service Reviews

Email Filtering Service Reviews

There are a number of email filtering service reviews around the web. We went out to take a look at what people were saying about us and here is what we found.

Kev Hodgson

We’ve been a customer for over a year now, and we’ve had a great experience with The Email Laundry. When we switched they were better value for money than our current provider who we were experiencing technical issues with at the time, so it was a no-brainer for us to switch! The support desk are very quick to respond and always explain things at just the right level of detail, keeping you informed all the way. Very impressed so far.

Jerry Dinan

Fantastic Service. Fantastic pricing.

I’m not even 100% a customer yet and the gentlemen at The Email Laundry have been prompt and informative.

Highly Recommend.

Niall Reck

Email Laundry offers a Fantastic Service with Fantastic Products. Ken, Ralph and the rest of the team are great to work with.

Gary Howell

The Email Laundry team have proven to be a top class partner for us and our clients over the years.

One recent signup was a good news story – previously they had so much spam, their primary domain had become unusable and they were losing sales leads – now, the spam is gone and they can use it again properly, with the configuration just being a DNS change and setup of the Laundry account – magic 🙂

Francis O'Meara

I’ve put a number of my customers on this email service. It’s a cloud based email service that includes all the things you would expect from a top service. They have a good anti spam and virus engine included in the service. Other than that it’s your email, contact calendars etc as you would expect. Great support when you need it, a real person on the end of a telephone, nice.


We use this service at work and it solved what was a serious problem in our business. As far as I remember we just gave them our domain name and IP address and they set it up in a few minutes, we haven’t had to do anything since. No spam and no missing email. That’s all it’s supposed to do and that’s all it does. One important caveat, you must have your own domain to use the service as all the email for your domain goes through their system so it suited us but may not suit a home user with a free email account.


The email laundry have provided us with a no hassle method of ensuring our incoming and outgoing mails are safe and secure. We have tried out a number of different solutions for our email scanning and the email laundry offer us the most efficient and cost effective service. We have no issues with any aspect of our service delivery. We are very impressed with the level of customer support offered to our company and know that if we have a query on any sepect of their service , someone is always at the end of a phone for assistance. We would have no hesitation in recommending the services of the email laundry to any perspective clients


Simple to employ and effective, The E-mail Laundry does what is says on the tin. Most impressive was the elimination of false positives. I didn’t even realise I was losing good mails until I started to use their service.


I found this review very helpful because…I signed up for a trial after Reading this review and the people were very nice and helpful. I contacted them using livechat on the website and they called me back. It’s not often a company takes so much time for it’s customers. I’m usually the type to struggle with new technology but I didn’t have to do anything for this to work. If only everything was so easy

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