Email Security Migration Plans

MxLogic Migration

MXLogic Migration

For MSPs who would like to move their customers from the old MXLogic or McAfee Email SAAS service we have migration plans in place. Our experienced email and web security migration team will help you to repopulate our management console with all the required lists of rules and settings you had in place on the old service.

Postini migration

Postini policy based encryption  partners

So your customers needed policy based encryption as part of their email security and you went with Postini. Now they say they are “end of life-ing” the service. What now?

One option is to sign up as a reseller of The Email Laundry. We have experience in mass migrations as we have recently moved many webroot resellers over to the service. We also have a procedure in place for this situation. Our team knows what details we need to prepopulate your accounts with to minimize disruption before you move your customers. Which rules from your Postini account need to be replicated and where. Importantly, as part of our email management suite, policy-based encryption can be easily replicated with the same business partners as your customers previously had with Postini.

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