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Highly rated on top industry review sites such as Gartner, Spiceworks, and Experts Exchange, The Email Laundry has established itself as a technology trailblazer. Expand your service portfolio and gain a predictable recurring revenue stream by partnering with The Email Laundry to sell our cloud-based services.

We currently deliver unparalleled email security, archiving and continuity, as well as email branding and signatures. Recently we have started to promote and sell our state-of-the-art cyber threat intelligence feeds, which uses our under 24 hour Newly Registered Domain Lists to help identify and stop threats before they are sent. The Email Laundry is currently leading the world in this technology, making our service an easy sell to your customers.

As an Email Laundry partner, you will have the opportunity to manage any of our services and integrate them into your current offerings in a way that is best for your business.

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Why Partner with The Email Laundry?

The Email Laundry partners experience high-margin recurring revenue and are able to not only gain entry into the growing hosted services market but do so with top-of-the-line solutions. All our services seamlessly integrate with Office 365, Exchange, and Google Apps, so you can offer them regardless of your customers’ preferred email platform.

Most of our partners are IT Consultants, VARs, MSPs, or Service Providers, but we do also partner with other email security providers who are looking to expand their services portfolio.

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Cloud Service Providers

Everything has gone the way of the cloud nowadays, don’t let your company be grounded. With our branded turnkey solutions, you can focus on the core services of your business while still offering your customers comprehensive cloud-based email service solutions.

If you are trying to build a SAAS email security solution then please contact us below, our reputation service will save you huge infrastructure costs. We can remove 99% of the email traffic for you with no false positives before you have to do any content filtering giving you a huge advantage over any competitors.

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