Corporate Email Security Policies

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Corporate Email Security Policies

A corporate email security policy, is something that every company must think about. It protects the business and lets employees know what is allowed and what is not. Here at The Email Laundry, we know how hard it is to design and draft a policy that covers you completely; so we’re here to help.

There are many different aspects to email security policies and it may seem intimidating, so we broke it down into four basic steps.

General Email Policy

(Email Usage Policy)

Designed to protect the company’s reputation, the general email policy covers what is an acceptable use of email in the workplace. Having a general email policy allows both employee and employer to be on the same level when it comes to what is allowed and disallowed. Offensive comments about race, gender, hair color, disabilities, age, sexual orientation, pornography, religious beliefs and practice, political belief, or national origin, would be against most company’s email usage policy.

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Automatically Forwarded Email

Needing management approval for automatically forwarded email allows management to properly explain the rules and consequences of forwarding sensitive data to each employee. The company can ensure that all employees understand what is considered sensitive information and follow best practices to ensure email security and confidentiality.

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Email Security Policy

One thing we always recommend when drafting up corporate email security policies, is to have a policy relating to phishing emails. A phishing security policy can help to highlight how to report and forward on phishing and other risky emails to the security team as well as list employee expectations. Setting clear routes of communication allows everyone to stay safe and on the same page.

Email Retention Policy

An email retention policy clearly identifies and explains to employees what information needs to be kept and for how long. Through the assistance of email archiving services, the actual responsibility of email retention can be migrated and completely automated. However, a solid email retention policy is still highly recommended.

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Still not sure where to start?

Click here to view the SANS Institute collection of email policy samples.

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