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Impersonation Detection

To protect users from Impersonation type email attacks like CEO Fraud or Business Email Compromise The Email Laundry provides a range of methods to customers on its Full Stack Email security service to counter these attacks.

  • Friendly Name filters to protect against social engineering impersonation attacks on mobile and desktop devices.
  • Protection against social engineering attacks like whaling, CEO fraud, business email compromise or W-2 fraud.
  • Instant action from The Email Laundry Threat Intelligence Network and Security Analyst teams
  • Protects against Newly Registered and Newly Observed Domains to catch the first email from a newly registered domain.
  • Protects against Display name spoofing and attacks targeting phones
  • Protects against “looks like” and “sounds like” versions of domain names

Threat Intelligence

Using our unique combination of in-house developed tools like real-time blacklists, AS rankings, passive DNS, and more; stop ransomware, phishing, and other dangerous attacks before they reach your company.

Connection Filtering

Our service uses a variety of tests and checks to rate each connection and identify if it seems authentic such as IP reputations, if the domain exists in DNS, domain SPF, and other custom filters.

Content Filtering

Emails are scanned for suspicious content and attachment types such as .pdf, .exe, .js, etc, that are often linked with malicious attacks. Content that appears to be dangerous or spam will be scored and either be quarantined or discarded, depending on its risk.

Multi-layered Encryption

To ensure complete protection, we use multiple layers of encryption to secure our clients, including opportunistic TLS encryption. We also offer PDF encryption and secure portal encryption as additional services for users who require them.

Signature based anti-malware

Each email that passes through The Email Laundry’s protection system is scanned by five separate anti-virus engines. Three of these are signature-based, while the other two are behavioral-based engines to ensure the system captures new viruses and malware, these are also continuously changing to take advantage of the best performing engine.

Marketing and Graymail classification

Graymail, which includes newsletters and marketing emails, can be set to quarantine as per your policy. In many cases, these emails will be unwanted, but come from genuine senders with a trustworthy reputation. Graymail Management differentiates these emails from genuine spam and allows for admins and end-users (optional) to decide what newsletters they want to receive, while keeping unwanted communications from these bulk senders out of their mailbox, making employees more productive.

What Our Customers Have to Say About Our Full Stack Email Security

Since choosing The Email Laundry as our chosen email security partner, we've deployed to several of our customers, all of which have been impressed with the product. Our guys love dealing with such a knowledgeable bunch who always are so flexible and responsive. Can't recommend them enough!
encryption email
Andrew Dalton Infrastructure Architect at Adapt
Having moved from one supplier to the next by no choice of our own which left clients frustrated we have finally found a simple to use, effective platform that is supported by a team of people who are always willing to help. From account manager through to support and even up to director level - they are all happy to help any way they can.
full stack email security service chris potrell testimonial
Chris Potrell Director at Nebula IT Services Limited
Great transition from McAfee to The Email Laundry. Customer service is second-to-none - very responsive and very helpful. Highly recommend their offerings to anyone looking to make a change in their email security.
Jan becker full stack email security service
Jan Becker Executive Assistant at Technology Architects Inc.

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