Internet Filtering for Smartphones

Internet Filtering for smartphones

Internet filtering for smartphones on 3g/4g and Wifi

Now if you want your company smartphones filtered you can do it.

Simply download our app for the appropriate device and configure the settings as given to you by our support team and your user will be filtered under their work web security policy regardless of where they are. The apps work on smartphones and tablets.

What does this mean?

Now company policy can be implemented when your user is using their 3g/4g connection as well as the company wifi. The company policy will also apply when the user is using a different wifi network. Company property is no longer at risk of abuse with Malware sites, illegal downloads and pornography.

Follow the user.

The same policy can be applied to a user when they are in the office or on the road and across all that users devices.

Internet|Web Filtering apps for Android and IPhones and IPads.

How does smartphone web filtering work?

  1. The app is downloaded to the device.
  2. The app is locked and cannot be removed without the Global Admin password.
  3. The app will check with our cloud based service to see if web pages are allowed for that user under the company policy
  4. The app will block pages that are not allowed or have been flagged for malware
  5. The users browsing is logged exactly as if they were at their desk.
  6. The app will prevent the user from using any other browser than the native android/safari browser

The service works slightly differently for Android and iOS devices. The Android service locks the user to the native browser and doesn’t allow browsing using any other browser. The app cannot be removed without the Global Administrator password.

On the iOS devices the service works by implementing a hardened version of the safari browser. The app can be downloaded from the App store and is called Cloudlink. The App will only function with a login to our cloud bease service.

In both cases the phone will refer to our cloud based service to see what the policy is for a user each time they retrieve a web page. If the page is not allowed under their policy the browser will block them.

See more about our Web filtering service here

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