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Add a New Address

Because knowing how to add a new address on your domain need to be branded is such an important aspect of how Brand and Sign works, there are a number of ways we have tried to make adding those email address details to Brand and Sign as easy as possible. To that effort we allow you to add addresses one by one, by copying the details of addresses from your favorite spreadsheet program or even importing all those addresses directly from your Google Apps for Business account.

add new email address for signatures
add email addresses for signatures

Adding Addresses One by One

If you just need to add a few addresses quickly, click the Add New Address button and you will be presented with a dialog.


You can add the information for an address in the fields provided and then click the Add button. This will add that address into a list. You can then proceed to add the details of a second address, and then a third, etc.

Once you have listed all the addresses you wish to add, just hit the Process button and tada, all done.

Adding Multiple Addresses

Because most organisations have a list of the email addresses for their domain somewhere and can export that list, we have a feature where you can copy a selection of addresses along with their first name, last name and job title, and paste that into Brand and Sign, making adding a lot of addresses at once a lot simpler.

Simply create a spreadsheet file with an export to CSV option where the the address, first name, last name and job title are listed on each row.

Then highlight all the addresses you wish to add, copy to clipboard (Ctrl+c or Cmd+c), click the Add New Address button and expand the blue bar along the bottom of the dialog.

Now paste into the box, click the Import Data button and verify that the list of addresses you are about to Process is correct. Then hit Process and you are all done.
Job Done.


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