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Archive Setup using Public Folders

  • Open Outlook, ensure you are logged on as an exchange admin
    • Expand Public Folders 
      • Right-click the All Public Folders – Create a New Folder
        • Give the new folder a name, (we used Journal) – Make sure it has the optional Mail Post items

These steps can also be done from Exchange System Manager but it sometimes doesn’t create the folder as mail or post items. 

  • In Exchange System Manager  
    • Go to Folders > Public Folders 
    • Right-click on Journal 
      • Click Properties > Exchange General > Delivery Options
        • Select Forward All Mail To 
          • Select the email contact that should be created
          • Select the email address provided by The Email Laundry
          • DO NOT select Foward To Both Accounts

    • Go to First Storage Group > Mailbox Store
      • Right-click > Properties
        • Tick the Archive All Mail box
        • Click Browse 
          • Type in the name of the public folder > Apply > Ok

No need to run daily maintenance as all the mail goes directly to the archiving system and nothing actually goes into the public folder.

  • Configure the archive in each user’s mail account

If you need any assistance in setting up your Archive, feel free to Contact Support for more help.


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