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Browsing appears slow when using Cloud Link

If you are experiencing slow browsing then this could be related to a number of factors. The following check list will help you to resolve the problem:

  • Make sure you are using the latest version of Cloud Link
  • Make sure that any Anti-Virus or security programs have an exclusion for the Cloud Link client
  • Turn off any “Web Shield” type programs or browser plug-ins. Try running “Internet Explorer (no add-ons)” to rule out conflicts with other browser plug-ins.
  • Try more than one browser. Is the speed problem only evident with one particular browser?
  • Try pinging the hostname configured in Cloud Link. It may be that your Internet connection is experiencing packet loss or slow speeds to our cloud servers.
  • If your Internet router or ISP uses QoS (Quality of Service) traffic shaping, ensure that it has appropriate rules in place for port 1344 (tcp) which is what Cloud Link uses. Trying to shape this traffic can result in slow browsing speeds.

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