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Campaign Analysis Report

In order to help you gauge the effectiveness of your branding campaigns, we have included the Campaign Analysis Report. Simply select the campaign you want to view the report for, the date range you wish to see and click View Report. You will then be presented with a number of graphs for this campaign.

Banner CTR

This gives you a graph detailing the Click Through Rates (CTR) of each banner in that campaign. This is perfect for analysing the effectiveness of an A/B campaign you may be running, or just generally gauging what type of banners seem to have the biggest impact.

Banner Sends

This graph very simply gives you a graph showing how often each banner in your campaign was actually sent.

Sender Clicks

If you want to know which email addresses in your domain are getting the most clicks on the banners, this pie chart will show you the top 10 senders who got clicks.

Top 10 Recipient Domain Clicks

You also get a breakdown of which domains emails were sent to clicked the most. This can help you determine which companies to get into contact with based on their interest in your banner campaigns.


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