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Cloud Link and Sophos Endpoint Security

Cloud Link and Sophos Endpoint Security

This article applies to Sophos Endpoint Security 10.2. It may apply to other versions.
1. Log on to the computer as an administration user and open the Sophos Configuration Utility from the task tray icon.
2. Click on “Configure anti-virus & HIPS”
3. Click on “Authorization”
4. Under the tabs “Buffer Overflow”, “Suspicious Files” and “Suspicious Behavior” please add the following files:

C:program files (x86)cloud linkcloud linkCfgUpdater.exe
C:program files (x86)cloud linkcloud linkCLService.exe
C:program files (x86)cloud linkcloud linkCLServiceController.exe
C:program files (x86)cloud linkcloud linkCLServicex86.exe
5. Reboot the computer.
Add an outbound rule to the Sophos Firewall
If you are using the Sophos Firewall component it may also be necessary to add a firewall rule.
Direction: OUT
Protocol: TCP
Remote Address: (IP/host of the cloud web filtering host your account belongs to)
Remote Port: 1344


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