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Login to the O365 Admin Console

Navigate Admin > Admin Centers > Exchange

Step 1






Step 1

Under Mail Flow click Connector

Add (+) New Connector




Fixed Step 2








Step 2

Select Mail Flow Scenario

From Office 365 to Partner Organization


Step 2






Step 3

**Optional – Give your connector a Name & Description**

Click Next

Select Only when email messages are sent to these domains

Click Add (+)

Specify using *

This will route all mail to The Email Laundry

Step 4




Step 4

Click Next

Select Route Email Through these Smarthosts

Click Add (+)

Enter The Email Laundry Smarthost

Region smarthosts are:

EU –
US –
ZA –

Click Next

Use Default Settings

(Always use Transport Layer Security (TLS))

(Issued by a trusted certificate authority (CA))




Click Next – Review Settings – Click Next – Validate the Connector

Click Add (+) an Email Address to Test – Validate

Once Successful – Click Save

**Please remove any exsiting Smarthosts at this point as they will take precedence. Send connectors used for other purposes (Archiving) may still be required.**

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