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You may be wondering “How does Brand and Sign do all this stuff to my email?”. Well this article is here to help you get a basic understanding of the mechanics behind the scenes that transforms your email from bland to awesome. If you are looking for a technical breakdown of all the systems we use (i.e. you’re a little geekish), I’m afraid this is not the article for you.

Let’s start at the very beginning; you want to send an email. You have typed your message, and then hit the send button. What then happens is that your message is sent to your companies email server as it has been setup within your email software (like Outlook or Thunderbird). That email server then has to decide what to do with the email you are trying to send.

If your company uses Brand and Sign, then that server will be setup to realise that instead of sending the message directly to the intended recipient, it needs to pass that email onto our Brand and Sign email server. Which it does!

When our server receives an email, we quickly do a number of checks. Things like, is the place that email coming from a customer of Brand and Sign? Does the person sending the email actually have any branding setup for him? Once we determine that yes we should add a signature or banner to your email, we then ask our other server, the one you go to to setup all your banners and signatures, to tell us what that branding should be inserted into this email. If there is a signature to be placed, we then have to figure out where this signature needs to be placed inside the email.

Now here is where things get slightly tricky. You see, different email clients (like Outlook, Thunderbird, Zimbra, and even Gmail), create emails in different ways. So figuring out where to put your signature so that it is right under the message you typed and above any of the quoted messages that might be included when you are replying to someone, depends on what you used to write your message.

The first step is figuring what you actually used to write the message. Once we have figured that out, we then do a quick check to see how that specific email client structures the messages it sends. Now that we know that, its actually really easy to then just pop your awesome signature into your email in exactly the right spot.

Then we stick your banner (if any) into the email, and send it on to the person who actually reads the message, marveling at how consistent your companies signatures are and … Oh look at that, there is a new special on (click).

Mmmmm, the click on a banner. How does that work? Quite simple really. When you create a campaign with banners in Brand and Sign, and specify a URL to go to when that banner is clicked, we record the details … obviously. But, when we put that banner into a message, we give it a link that comes to Brand and Sign. This way we can log that a banner was clicked, send the original sender a little message that someone clicked (if that is turned on), and give you great stats about Click Through Rates, etc.

Since we know the URL the “clicker” is supposed to go to, we then redirect him onto his final destination. This process takes a second or two and is pretty seamless to whoever clicks.

So that is a very rough, and basic “laymans” description of how Brand and Sign by The Email Laundry works. As usual, if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.

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