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How to install Cloud Link for iOS

This article explains how to install and configure Cloud Link from the iTune’s store


Cloud Link for iOS extends the Clean Filtering protection to iPhone and iPad devices via a custom browser that can be installed. The following instructions explain how to install and configure the browser.
1. Download the “Cloud Link” app from iTunes


2. Tap the “Free” or “+” icon to start the installation then tap “Install App”

3. You may be prompted to enter your Apple ID password. Enter it now and tap “OK”.

4. iTunes will provide a warning about age restricted material. This is because Cloud Link has the ability to filter/restrict web content. Tap “Accept”. Cloud Link will begin to install.


5. Once installed, tap the “Cloud Link” icon.
6. At first, the message “Please contact your administrator to configure the application” will be displayed. This is because Cloud Link requires valid credentials to operate. Tap “OK”.
7. Enter the password “password” when prompted


8. This will open the settings screen. You will now need to enter the Hostname and Port number provided to you when you subscribed to the service. Enter the Host and Port, optionally change the default administrator password (recommended) and tap “Save”.


9. Now tap the “User” option to enter a valid username and password from your account. If you haven’t already, create a new user for this device under the Users & Groups section of the web portal.


10. Enter the username and password and then tap “Save”.

11. Tap “Done” to return to the browser where the home page should load.

12. To verify all is working, attempt to browse directly to a web site that is blocked. The Access Denied page should be displayed as normal.

Best practice
Cloud Link for iOS has been designed for use on managed devices, e.g. those devices owned by an organisation. If you are attempting to filter BYOD/guest devices, we recommend using the Captive Portal feature of the Cloud Gateway software/virtual appliance.
It is recommended that Cloud Link for iOS is used in conjunction with an existing Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution in order to restrict the device so that the user cannot use any alternative web browsing apps or remove Cloud Link. Suggestions for MDM applications are Meraki, AirWatch, MobileIron, etc.


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