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Outlook setup as Exchange (MAPI)

Outlook Access:

Access to mailboxes through Outlook using MAPI requires a connector which can be downloaded from the following link:

Zarafa Outlook Client

Once the connector has been installed, you’ll need to create a new Outlook / Mail profile to connect into the account.

Open up the control panel within Windows and then select ‘Mail’. Click on ‘Show Profiles’ and then ‘Add’ to add a new profile.

Give the profile a distinctive name and then select ‘Manually configure server settings..’. Select ‘Other > Zarafa Server’ on the next dialog box.

You should then get another dialog box in which to put the connection details (below):

Server name:
Port: 237 or 443 (with SSL enabled – always use a secure connection)

For IMAP or POP access please login to your control panel to enable access following these instructions

Webmail Access:


Phone / Tablet Access:

The service fully supports activesync so iOS / Android / Windows Mobile phones will be able to access mailboxes as standard.

Add a new account as normal through the phone settings and then select ‘Exchange’ as the account type. Continue on through the setup, adding the server name as above and selecting SSL access to ensure security of data. Further instructions for mobile setup available here


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