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Setting up the Google Apps for Business Outbound Email Gateway

If you’re a Google Apps for Business Email customer, setting up the email service to direct outbound email to Brand and Sign is literally a 1 minute job.

In the My Accounts section of the Brand and Sign app, copy the SMTP Server name ( and then login into your Google Apps Management Dashboard for your domain.
Then navigate to:

  • Settings (Top Menu)
  • Click the Email link in the left side bar under Services
  • Make sure you’re in the General tab of Email Settings
  • Scroll down to Outbound Gateway
  • Paste in the Brand and Sign SMTP server name or The Email Laundry outbound server.
  • Save changes

Your’re done, and now all your outbound email will route through Brand and Sign’s servers.

To stop routing email through Brand and Sign’s servers, simply clear the server name from the Outbound Gateway and save changes again.


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