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Configuring Brand and Sign Settings

The Settings page provides you access to various features that affect how Brand and Sign works across your domain on a more global scope.

Settings for Signatures

Here you can choose whether or not you want a signature to be added to every outgoing mail or only if the mail is not a Reply (RE:) or Forward (FW:).

You can also decide to turn on the adding of a disclaimer to the end of every mail. By checking the “Yes, a disclaimer must be added to all emails” box, a text box will appear in which you can enter the disclaimer text that needs to be displayed. If you then go to Signatures you can also edit the styling of that Disclaimer.

Settings for Campaigns

You may want to make sure that every outgoing mail, even replies and forwards, has a new banner applied to it. If so make sure the “Yes, always apply a banner to email.” box is checked. Otherwise, if you only want an email conversation to be branded once make sure that “No, do not apply banners if one has been applied previously.” is checked.

If you want the original sender on your domain to know when a banner was clicked, make sure you tick the “Yes, the original sender must know when banner was clicked” box. Otherwise, if this level of detail is not important you can turn it off by checking “No, the sender doesn’t need a notification.”

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