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Setup Exchange 2010 Send Connector

Log onto the Exchange 2010 Hub Transport server.

Launch the EMC.

Navigate to: Organization Configuration > Hub Transport

In the Action pane, click New Send Connector to launch the wizard. The wizard prompts you to give the connector a name, and to select the intended use (Internet).

Next specify the address space to which the connector will route mail. Specify the domain name you wish to use and whether or not to include subdomains. You can use ?*? to indicate all domains. Then specify the cost.

Next select the option to route mail through a smart host. Click Add and then select the option for Fully qualified domain name (FQDN)’ and insert:

  • if you are in North America
  • if you are in South Africa
  • for all other regions

Next select ‘None’ for authentication.

Next add the source server for the send connector.

Finally click New to create the connector.

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