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Terminology used in Hosted Web Security

The following terminology is used throughout the Hosted Web Security product:

  • Hit – a hit is a request for a web page (URL) by a web browser.
  • Visit – unlike a hit, a visit has a start and end time. A visit is essentially a group of hits. When a new hit is received, the system will try and place the hit into a visit i.e. if the time of the hit falls in between the start and end of a visit and is to the same domain by the same user, the hit becomes part of the visit. Visit’s have a +/- 5 minute threshold, meaning that if you continually hit a web site without leaving more than a 5 minute gap between hits, all the hits, even if they last for hours or days, will be grouped into the same visit. For a visit to count as a distinct “Visit to a particular domain by a particular user”, there has to be a time gap of 5 minutes between two hits. Why do we do this? Hits on their own are not very meaningful in terms of browsing habits and it also helps to reduce the amount of data stored.
  • Mixed visit – a mixed visit contains both allowed and denied hits. For example, you may visit a web page that is allowed but some of the content has been blocked, e.g. Advertising. This would become a mixed visit.
  • Count – the total number of distinct hits or visits (depends on context).

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