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What is an Email Domain?

The part of an email address after the @ sign is called the email domain. If your email address is, then would be your email domain.

Brand and Sign, however, requires that you have your OWN emaildomain and not be using one of the free services like Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo. So if you own your own domain, just like we own and, then you can use the features of Brand and Sign, as we require that mail from your email domain be redirected through us in order to apply branding.

If you do not have an existing email server that handles messages from your domain, we suggest you try a service like Google Apps for business. It is also possible for you to send your email through The Email Laundry and we can forward it to your gmail account.

Brand and Sign doesn’t register or host domain names. If you want to use Brand and Sign but you don’t have a domain name, you will need to first register one.


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