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Issue: Emails Going into Junk Folder – Office 365

Please note this article was updated on August 25th, 2017

Login to the O365 Admin Console

Navigate Admin > Admin Centers > Exchange > Connection Filter





Step 1

Click Edit

Click Connection Filtering










Step 2

Click Add (+)

Add in The Email Laundry Delivery IP’s to the Allowed IP Addresses

**Please Note The Email Laundry has region specific delivery ranges. They can be found in the customer set-up mail or in Step 4 below**

whitelist o365





Step 3

Create a new rule within O365 Exchange admin center








whitelist o365

Step 4

Give the rule a name e.g. ‘Bypass Spam Filtering’, click on ‘More Options’,  select ‘The sender…IP address…’ as the rule match and then input the below IP addresses based on your region:

EU –

US –

ZA –

whitelist o365

 Step 5

Set the first action to modify the message properties by adding a message header with a key ‘X-MS-Exchange-Organization-BypassClutter’ and value of true (note these are case sensitive).

whitelist o365










Step 6

 Add another action to modify the message properties and set the spam confidence level to ‘Bypass spam filtering.

whitelist o365












Click Save


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