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The Latest Trends in Phishing

Cyber criminals are constantly pondering their next move with regards to phishing emails. The latest trend or craze in popular culture is seen as an opportunity to scam. It is essential to be alert when subscribing to any popular service or app these days as phishing actors more than likely have a target on it.

Pokémon Go

Since it’s release on July 6th, Pokémon Go  has been one of the biggest app releases of this era with 30 Million downloads and $35 Million in revenue.

Since the app became a viral sensation, cyber criminals have come up with a phishing scam that manipulates users into paying $12.99 for a game upgrade.

Pokémon Go users around the world have been emailed this message by phishing actors: “We regret to inform you that due to the overwhelming response to our new Pokémon GO app and the need for more powerful servers we can no longer afford to keep your account as free. Your account will be frozen in 24 hours if you do not upgrade.”

When downloading any popular app, always bare in mind that there are opportunists out there looking to capitalize on popular trends such as Pokémon Go.

NetFlix Users beware

Login details are being robbed by hackers who are refusing to pay for the service and sold on the Dark Web, at prices as low as $0.25

This all begins with some crafty social engineering by phishing actors. A phishing email is sent to the subscriber posing as the streaming service claiming that the subscriber has missed their monthly payment. This email looks quite legitimate so it is difficult for the average person to see past the scam.

Game of Thrones Email

HBO‘s Game of Thrones was deemed the most pirated program in 2015. HBO have had huge difficulty handling this and has persisted with users by sending warning emails and take down demands to illegal torrenting sites.

Now, scammers are posing as HBO threatening torrent users via spoof emails to pay a settlement fee of a few hundred dollars for downloading a specific episode from the latest series. The email will demand this money to be paid within 72 hours or else legal action will be taken.


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