Email Anomaly Detection

A collaborative applied research project between The Email Laundry and the Letterkenny Institute of Technology leading to an MSc in Computing.

The project, Email Anomaly Detection, will define a baseline behaviour for email at a System level and examine anomalous email behaviour to help identify new spam attacks. This will be achieved through a statistical analysis of the company’s existing big-dataset with cognisance given to real-time application. Specific examination of the data at Domain (or Customer) level and at the User level could provide further insight as could examination of the entropy of the data structures. It is anticipated that cloud services will be used to conduct the analysis largely due to a commitment to process, store and analyse the large data set.

A key element of the project will be a system and software specification that will address this issue. This should focus on the performance of anomaly detection in real time. Prototypical dashboard software may be considered as a contingency. The project will incorporate practical and academic elements and focus on data analytics.

The company wishes to engage in an MSc in Computing through research and is committed to employing the student on a part-time basis. The employment contract is negotiable. The project will be managed by a project team comprising the academic supervisor(s) and the company supervisor(s).

To apply or for more information, please contact Head of Department of Computing, Thomas Dowling by email: or by telephone: 074 9186304

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