McAfee End of Life

This is Just the Beginning

Intel are Bringing McAfee Email Security to the End of its Life.

Let us help you transition customers onto our email security service.

We provide a muti-tier partner portal and co-branding for partners.

Top level email security, continuity, email archiving, some DLP, TLS encryption policies, email signature management and anti-virus and phishing detection.

The Email Laundry have got your customers covered. We have a security research team dedicated to email.

Great transition from McAfee to The Email Laundry. Customer service is second-to-none - very responsive and very helpful. Highly recommend their offerings to anyone looking to make a change in their email security.
mcafee end of life
Jan Becker It Service Provider
E-mail laundry are always happy to help, constant support whenever we need it and the reports wok excellently. If you are looking for a new spam protection, I would suggested The E-mail Laundry! Since we moved from Mcafee SaaS it's been simple to setup. We are also offered new contacts around us, to help us get new contracts to support.
mcafee end of life
Kai Stewart It Service Provider
Just recently switched my organization over to TheEmailLaundry after receiving the EoL notification from McAfee SaaS. I only wish I had made this switch sooner! Great service, setup was a breeze, and best of all no more spam! Awesome service - highly recommended.
mcafee end of life
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