netflix phishing scam

Netflix Phishing Scam

In the case that you’re using Netflix or have an Apple account does not make the slightest bit of difference to hackers that are only keen on stealing your personal data. The spoof email is designed to look like an invoice containing purchases from iTunes, App Store or Netflix. With crafty social engineering, it attempts to trick you into providing your bank details to the hacker.

The spoof email is likely to have been sent to thousands of people, which means apple users were not targeted specifically.  The email manipulates the recipient into believing that someone has made purchases from their apple account.

The email is also heavily branded with the Apple logo along with a similar font in the body of the text to Apples trademark font.

apple invoice 1

apple 2

This email has manipulated people into believing that are being defrauded when they click on the ‘refund’ link. The refund link directs the recipient to a page where they can key in their card details, which are then sent to cyber criminals.

Apple has since warned people to ignore this email and have stated that they would never ask for bank account details or the three-digit security code on the back of your card by email.

The police have taken to Twitter and have shared Images of the Netflix email as a warning to people not to be victimized

Apple has had no further comments on the scam email.

What to do

If you do not subscribe to Apples services, you have nothing to worry about. If you are in fact subscribed to Apple and receive this email, make sure to be cautious of links or attachments embedded in the email. Read the email, grammatical errors in the body of text are a sure indicator of a phishing email.

Bear in mind that no legitimate organization would ever ask for your bank account details via email.

If you do receive an email that you might feel a little unsure about, contact the company directly and confirm with them that the email is legitimate.

Beware of Trends

Scammers tend to incorporate current trends or crazes with their phishing techniques. Be it Apple or Netflix, phishers don’t target individuals, they are counting on the fact that the masses are using these services so they will manage to deceive a small percentage of people.

To learn more about Phishing attacks like the Apple and Netflix ones above, visit our Phishing Awareness Training page here.
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