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Never worry about using Office 365

By combining your exchange online account with our email continuity service you can be sure your email will always be available regardless of what happens to the Office365 service.

How Email Continuity Works with O365

Your MX records are pointed at our arrays, this means your email will be routed through our 4 data centers which are geographically independent of each other.

As email passes through the service we will put a copy of each email on to a webmail server which you can access from anywhere, including directly from a folder in Outlook, the original email will continue on to Exchange online.

Email will be kept for up to two weeks on the webmail server allowing you to continue to do business until the Office 365 service is unavailable.

This completely alleviates the problem of putting all your eggs in one basket with Office 365.

You can further expand this service by opting for our archiving service which will allow for all historical emails to be accessed from the continuity service.

If you are reselling Office 365 to your customers we would strongly recommend you consider this bundle.

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Problems with Email Not Arriving with Office 365?

A common issue being related from IT companies with customers on Office 365 is when they have expected an email going in to Office 365 previously and it hasn’t arrived they often get stuck between the sender and Microsoft. Unable to track the email. Microsoft say there’s no trace of it and the sender says it was definitely sent. The most common scenario is when an email is sent to numerous users in the same company and only some of them receive the email.

In this case you can use our service as a tool to track and trace email. All traffic that has tried to send to your MX records will be logged and made available to you in a searchable portal so your company can track and trace all email communications. This will remove your feeling of helplessness when dealing with a large set up like Office 365, and give you back some element of control over your email traffic.

The Email Laundry Continuity & O365

We can also keep a copy of all email coming into you on a webmail server. this will have a two-fold effect.

  • In the above scenario, you will have access to the missing email
  • In the case of an office 365 outage, you can still send and receive from the webmail service.

This service is a very small add-on to the Office 365 cost and your IT company can look after it for you.

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