The Email Laundry Partner Program

Cloud Email Security Partner Program

Control Your Customer's Email Like Never Before

Partner with us for award-winning anti-spam, enforce TLS encryption, aliasing, rerouting, email continuity, MX backup, discovery archiving, per-user archiving, disclaimers, signature management and marketing banners.

All of these services can be performed regardless of what email platform your customer uses, be it Exchange Lotus, Office 365 or Google Apps.

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Easily Add Services

Add new services quickly and simply using our API’s.

If you would like to provide one or more of our modules to your customers using your own portal, we will provide an API so you can provision customers and automate the billing process.

Modules available are

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You can extend your service offerings beyond traditional infrastructure monitoring and maintenance to provide complete security as a service, allowing you to stand out from competitors. The Email Laundry service allows you to white label and to provide customized and modular services. The Email Laundry is a reliable solution with a long established track record, over 4000 corporations use the service as well as being re-branded by other IT security services.


You can optimize your profitability by moving beyond selling just a license to selling a service with a recurring revenue stream. You can also take advantage of monthly billing options to further optimize your cash flow and profits. And of course, become an integral part of your customer’s IT management infrastructure. There is minimal training required to become competent in all aspects of the service.

Support You Can Trust

Take advantage of The Email Laundry’s industry leading training, certification, and technical support that’s available to you 24/7 at no extra charge.

Customer Retention

Become a trusted advisor and critical partner in your customers IT security strategy. Increase your value and stickiness by integrating deeper across more points within your customers IT infrastructure.

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