Phishing Awareness Training

Ransomware, CEO Fraud, and more; find your company's phishing susceptibility rate, and train your employees to make smart decisions.

Hands-on Experience

Employees are tested for their susceptibility in a hands-on way, through sporadically sent safe phishing emails. If they click on the phishing email they will be sent to our video training page.

Education Videos

Users are educated through our “Phishing Awareness Videoes”, teaching them how to identify a phishing email, and what to do if they receive such an email. Any user that clicks on one of our phishing emails will be sent to a video page and quizzed on the video’s information

Comprehensive Reporting

After each round of phishing training (we supply 6 rounds typically), administrators will receive a comprehensive report indicating both company and individual employee susceptibility rate.

Phishing Cost Companies Billions, Don't Be A Victim
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Teaching Phishing Awareness to Employees Around the World

The Email Laundry's Phishing Awareness Training has created a real buzz among the Officers. They are discussing Spam and Phishing in a way that other communication methods have failed to achieve.
phishing awareness training gedling logo company testimonials
Gary Bennett ICT Manager at Gedling Borough Council
Brilliant product! Easy to grasp, massively effective and even easier to manage. The Email Laundry team are a dream, helpful and responsive - always! I couldn't recommend it more!
Radhika Anderson testimonial photo phishing awareness training
Radhika Anderson Technical Associate at Twin Technology Ltd
Very impressed with not only the service itself but with the efficiency and responsiveness of the customer product and technical support. Very professional in their correspondence and business approach as well.
sean woods testimonial photo
Sean Woods Managing Director at WY Technology

Don't Let Your Organization Fall For Phishing

Simply fill out the form below and one of our dedicated team members will help to get your employees educated and trained on how to deal with phishing attempts.