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What Should Be in an Email Signature

Things to Consider When Creating Corporate Signatures


Portraying a consistent brand across all company messaging whether, by post, advertising or regular business email is imperative to keeping a professional look and emphasizing your company message.

Not Personal

A company needs to ensure that employees are not adding their personal contact details instead of company details. This includes a personal twitter or LinkedIn account details or non-work related email addresses.


Disclaimers have become bloated unsightly and largely irrelevant. A legal disclaimer on an email has never assisted any company in a court case that we are aware of and including a line telling people not to print the email has become very outdated as many emails are now read on people’s phones. However, a short message where the disclaimer would be outlining main business terms on emails from sales people could be a wise use of this space.


In the majority of countries, you legally must include your company registration details on all business communications. This would normally mean your registered business name, company number, and registered address.

Click Here for UK rules

Email Signature Tip

Many people don’t like to see too much detail in an email signature and many will have aspects of email signatures that annoy them. An oft-cited example would be wise and witty quotes. It’s best to keep examples of personal wit off the business email. The main message with regard to corporate signatures is consistency. The signatures must be consistent across the organization and stick to giving relevant information.

Email signatures from smartphones should also be to a high standard and uniform with company branding guidelines

What Is Email Branding?

To us, Email Branding means the application of:

  • A consistent Corporate Identity in the form of a signature with a logo, optional strap-line, and color scheme.
  • A correct and up-to-date set of contact information for each email user in the business.
  • An ability to market your business (and drive traffic to your site, keep customers and partners informed) through linked banner ads in your daily business-to-business email.

Our brand and sign service offers all the above and more, by allowing customers to send their outbound day-to-day business email through our robust SMTP delivery and branding servers where we apply branding to each email based on the settings configured for a matched sender.

This eliminates the pain of managing email signature consistency for each individual in the business and allows for marketing staffers to centrally manage banner ad campaigns and user information from one central point.


Professional Email Signatures

From a reporting point of view, we provide banner click tracking with reporting, and real-time alerts when recipients click on banners. This gives digital marketers insight into which people in the organization are receiving the most clicks as well as who is actually doing the clicking.

Beyond this, it then becomes easy to A/B split test various banners to see which ones are driving the most traffic to your site and information resources.

The ability to continuously market a business and build it’s brand, through the often overlooked landscape of regular business-to-business email, is one we feel needs to be looked at a lot more closely.

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