PSA Integrations

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PSA Integrations

We are currently on the Connectwise Marketplace with our automated billing and service notifications integration and will be rolling out an Automate integration in the coming months.

What PSA Integrations Would You Like to See?

The Email Laundry understands how MSPs want to stay within one interface when they are managing their clients. That is why we are creating PSA Integrations including Connectwise and Autotask.

We need your help. Please contact us and let us know what information you would like us to push into your PSA. Is it user numbers on each service, spam reports per customer/domain on a weekly/monthly basis? Would it help if we pushed Business Associate Agreements through to your PSA? The more information we have the better.

For MSP’s who can help us through this project, there will be rewards. So, if within six months we have completed a PSA integration with your help, and we are pushing through all the required information to your PSA to make this a valuable integration, we will reward you with 3 months free email security.

That’s 3 months free email security for any MSP that helps us through the process and transitions all their users across within 6 months.

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Automated Billing & Service Notifications
See Our Connectwise Integration

Integrate With My PSA

Let us know your PSA and what you would like to see us do.