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Security is Our Primary Concern

Security of your email is our main concern.
We see our services as layered in the following way:

Security on the Network

Our “Advanced Connection Filtering” software is a powerful tool for dealing with the majority of bad traffic on the internet. With our focus on the source of traffic and whether it could be a genuine mail server sending it or not we can eliminate 99% of traffic that others would mistakenly take in as potential email.

On this level we would always primarily opt for encrypted connections for sending and receiving emails. We would also encourage our customers to enforce mandatory encryption between known business partners.

Compliance Security

Organizations need to be able to achieve levels of compliance never needed before. Our services will help enable you to achieve these levels. Your organization will have complete control over what email is stored and for how long. How email looks and what it contains. You can force a compliant footer to your email containing registered office and company registration number where required.

Security of the Content

Our next concern is the content of the email. The service scans all email twice for viruses. Then we scan the email for known security flaws from our experience, then we scan for policy rules that the user wants.

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