Signatures on Your Company Smartphone

Tips & Best Practices

How do I manage email signatures from smartphones?

This is a common question and one that needs to be managed well particularly in a corporate environment. All business communications should have company contact information included in the signature. In the EU law dictates that the company registered name, email address and company number are included. Company branding guidelines and common sense should dictate that all company emails look the same regardless as to whether they were sent from a smartphone or desktop client.

There is an obvious problem to be overcome here as a larger portion of emails are responded to by smartphone now than ever before. The majority of these phones respond with a text-only email and include a tagline that advertises the phone’s make. i.e. “Sent from my x phone”

The Solution

When using our Brand and Sign service all emails are routed through our email branding servers and smartphone emails are converted from text to html. The company signature and any additional branding are put on the email so it arrives in a brand friendly and compliant format to the recipient. In addition, any marketing banners that the company includes in their email may be inserted in the email.

Example Smartphone Signature

Now instead of sending a corporate email that has “Sent from my iPhone” appended to it (or Blackberry or Samsung or whatever you happen to be using) your emails from your phone will arrive with a correct email signature template. This is how all corporate email signatures should look, not as an advertisement for your phone, but an example of branded communications from the company you represent.

Corporate Smartphone Signatures Email and Branding Iphone Example 200

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