The Email Laundry Support

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The Email Laundry Support

For The Partner

To the IT service company we provide support 24/7 and provide extremely high Service Level Agreements. We expect all our partner companies to undertake some basic training with us so they know their way around the services. We can do pretty much anything to a customers email for them so its worth getting to know all the possibilities. Once you have an idea of the full potential of using our services you will be able to suggest innovative solutions to your customers in all sorts of scenarios.

For The End User

The Email Laundry is provided through IT service companies and other service providers. We give these companies tools to troubleshoot and provide support for the basic scenarios. They know your IT system so it’s always better to go to them for support as email problems can crop up in a lot of places between a sender and recipient. They have our details if they need further assistance.

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