Archiving for British Customers

The British Archive

Keep Your Archive Data in Britian

We now provide as part of our flexible archive service a British archive for British customers. If you need to ensure your archive is held within your jurisdiction we have a service that is kept in Britain. If you were concerned about upcoming EU regulations which may impose limitations on the jurisdiction your data is kept in then you need to ensure your email archive is in the UK sooner rather than later. Moving your email archive can be a big job and the longer you leave it the more data will need to be transferred from one service to another.

The UK archive has the following features:


Using The Email Archive’s powerful search capabilities, employees and auditors are able to search across millions of archived emails and attachments at breathtaking speed. The product helps them find the information they are looking for quickly and easily.

Outlook Integration

Each user can see their own archived emails in a folder in Outlook and search amongst their own emails and restore them to their mailbox if required. Simple and easy to use for end users. Narrow down a search to a specific email and restore it.

Automated Archiving

The archiving happens automatically without any user or administrator intervention. Email are copied and passed directly from the customer’s email server up to the archiving service before the user has received the original.

Ease of Use

Plugs in to Outlook and has a tabbed interface with infinite scrolling across millions of records. The user friendly design also allows for searching within a search to quickly isolate the email being discovered.

Standards Oriented

Email data is stored in ZIP archive files (with .zz extension). These ZIP files are encrypted using AES-128 encryption in strict accordance with the Winzip encryption standard. Inside the Zip files, email data is stored as .EML files (Internet mail format RFC822). RFC822 is the industry standard format for storing and transporting email messages. The use of the ZIP and RFC822 standard ensure that email data is easily accessible using widely available utilities for a long time to come.

Low Cost Solution

There is no requirement to purchase any additional third-party software and the product is priced competitively

Query Builder

Easy construction of complex search queries using the new query builder.

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