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Tax Refund Phishing season change money

Tax Refund Phishing Scam – Protect Your Money

Huge Rise in Tax Season Phishing Attacks As tax season makes its return, so does the increase in cyber crime and tax refund phishing that comes with it. Per the IRS, the 2016 tax season saw a 400% increase in phishing and malware … Read More

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Data Url email Filtering service map

Premiere Data URL Email Filtering

Protect your company from Data URLs with The Email Laundry’s Email Filtering The Gmail Data URL Attack The new Gmail Phishing Scam going around is surprising even the savviest of users with its sophisticated techniques. This attack comes as a nightmare … Read More

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new phishing email. protect your keyboard

Clever Gmail Targeting Phishing Email Discovered

Gmail Targeting Phishing Email Discovered It’s only 18 days into 2017, and there is already a sophisticated Gmail phishing email making it rounds. New techniques and tactics, have given hackers a way to authentically impersonate your contacts. How it Works … Read More

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responsible information free online course for SMEs

‘Responsible for Information’ for SMEs – Free Online Course

Responsible for Information For SMEs ‘Responsible for Information’ is a free e-learning course aimed at staff in micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The HM government will be sponsoring this online course to help SMEs to fully understand their company’s … Read More

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mailboxes phishing email attempt vetmeds pdf fraud

VetMed Phishing Attempt: Email & PDF Scam

Phishing Attempt: Email & PDF Scam Phishing attempts can come in all forms, shapes, and sizes. No matter how familiar you think you are with them, always remember to take extra precaution when opening an email with attachments or links. … Read More

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email security road map

Email Security Road Map For New Year

Email Security Road Map Tweet Happy Christmas to all our customers and partners. What a wonderful year it has been.  The following updates have been made to our service this year Encryption Service Updates Added ConnectWise Integration Opened an Australian … Read More

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Phishing Scam Target's New York Attorneys

Phishing Scam Targets New York Attorneys

Phishing Email: NY Attorney General A recent report issued by the Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman reveals that hackers have targeted attorneys in New York posing as representatives of his office. The contents of the email claim that their business … Read More

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small ceo fraud email laundry how to stop boss suit

How we are Helping to Defend Against CEO Fraud

How we at the Email Laundry are Working Towards Stopping CEO Fraud Emails The best way to stop CEO fraud is to ensure that all employees are well trained and aware of the consequences of such an attack. In order … Read More

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how to choosing email security service

Choosing Email Security Services – A Quick Overview of the Options

Choosing Email Security Services Choosing email security services that are an appropriate provider for your company can be difficult as email security is a key element in the overall security of a business. A company’s email is an open door for malicious hackers who can … Read More

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