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Locky Ransomware Trend Credit card scam

Locky Ransomware Trend

Locky Ransomware Trend A phishing scam that claims a recipient’s credit card details have been “suspended” is the latest trend in spoof emails. Cyber criminals are using social engineering tactics to spread fear among business owners by attaching Locky malware to phishing … Read More

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Ransomware Threats Matches Can you beat the odds

3 Dangerous Ransomware Threats to Be Wary Of

Do You Want to Play a Game? The presence of ransomware is well and truly prevalent and spreading at a rapid pace globally. 2016 has seen an explosion of ransomware attacks which are progressively targeting business networks rather than individual users. … Read More

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famous celebrity malware attacks

Celebrity Malware

Celebrity Keyword Malware Links with These Names are Likely to Cause You a Problem A recent publication by Intel Security (McAfee) has highlighted the dangers of celebrity names being utilized as a tool for hackers. Pop culture is prime bait … Read More

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how to tell if an email is trustworthy email

Trustworthy Email Publication

Trustworthy Email Recommendations & Guidelines The NIST have released a rather useful document which gives recommendations and guidelines that will enhance trust in email. This document is particularly beneficial to enterprise email administrators, information security specialists, and network managers. This guideline was written for federal IT systems but … Read More

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locks encryption for business

Why Businesses Need Email Encryption

Encryption for Business Why Do Businesses Need Email Encryption Encryption ensures the safety of our data when sending emails. In most cases, to read an encrypted email you must enter a secret key that will enable you to decrypt the … Read More

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phishing campaign taregeting uk students

Phishing Campaign Target University Students

Phishing Campaign Targeting Students Students of UK Universities have been victimized by a new phishing campaign. The elaborate phishing email claims that the recipient has been awarded an educational grant. The email is masqueraded to appear as if it came from the … Read More

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court order phishing scam

Court Order Email Hiding a Virus

Court Order Email is Hiding a Virus We’ve seen this new virus delivery email with an attached PDF, which looks like a court order email. This type of email is not being picked up by the commercial AV scanners as … Read More

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netflix phishing scam

Netflix Phishing Scam

Netflix Phishing Scam In the case that you’re using Netflix or have an Apple account does not make the slightest bit of difference to hackers that are only keen on stealing your personal data. The spoof email is designed to look like … Read More

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global phishing case attacks

Three Suspects Charged in Switzerland in Global Phishing Case

Global Phishing Case It has been reported that three people have been accused of stealing credit card data (up to 133,600 cards). Social engineering was used to obtain this data using a combination of spoofed emails, text messages and websites. The defendants … Read More

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