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bitcoin reserve ransomware attack

Banks Prepare Bitcoin Reserve for Ransomware Attacks

Bitcoin Reserve Banks Prepare for Ransomware Attacks The threat of ransomware attacks is ever increasing as banks are now beginning to buy cryptocurrency in order to pay off any cyber attack they may face. This ensures the banks that they … Read More

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Phishing email awareness

Member Tip of the Month: Phishing Email Awareness

Member Tip of the Month Phishing Email Awareness Ken Bagnall, CEO of The Email Laundry, shares his tips on how to keep your company safe from phishing emails.

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walmart phihsing scam account compromise

Account Compromise Attempt on Walmart Customers

Walmart Phishing Scam Account Compromise Fears of account compromise spread as it was reported that hundreds of people all over the US have been taking to social media claiming that they have been receiving emails from Walmart advising them to reset … Read More

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cyber crime at the rio olympics

Cyber Crime at the Rio Olympics

Cyber Crime at the Rio Olympics The 2016 Internet Security Threat Report has ranked the hosts of the 2016 Olympic Games, Brazil, eight in the world for bot-enabled crimes. Hard work, training and preparation has been put in by athletes all over … Read More

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iphone phishing scam

iPhone Phishing

iPhone Phishing Attack Misplacing a smartphone is something that has happened to us all before at some point in our lives. Thankfully, there is a solution to this, the Find my iPhone app which is linked to your iCloud. The Find my iPhone … Read More

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trends in phishing pokemon go

The Latest Trends in Phishing

The Latest Trends in Phishing Cyber criminals are constantly pondering their next move with regards to phishing emails. The latest trend or craze in popular culture is seen as an opportunity to scam. It is essential to be alert when … Read More

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ransomware variants

Ransomware and the Latest Variants

Ransomware & the Latest Variants Earlier this year, deadly ransomware variants were detected infecting computers of businesses and individuals. The main offenders being Locky and Samas. The victims included healthcare facilities and hospitals from around the globe. This Alert was … Read More

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airplane facc ceo email scam how to stop case study

CEO Email Scam – The Conquences of Being Unprotected

CEO Email Scam One of the most effective variations of phishing attacks comes in the form of a CEO email scam. These attacks are not random or broad-spread like spear-phishing or whaling scams, instead, they rely on precise targeting and victim research. … Read More

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accepting the risk video

Host Unknown Presents: Accepted the Risk

Accepted the Risk Host Unknown presents: Accepted the Risk (A Risk Management strategy for removing blockers to productivity) Why waste time remediating when you can simply accept the risk? @HostUnknownTV bring to life a Risk Manager who gets the balance … Read More

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